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Here we provide detail information about visa and passport.

What is a VISA ?

A visa is an authorization in the form of a sticker affixed to a passport which authorizes the bearer to stay in or travel through Malta during a limited, specified, period.

Schegen Visa

It represents a territory where the free movement of persons is guaranteed. The signatory States to the agreement have abolished all internal borders in lieu of a single external border.

Visa Student Application

Applicants (including those TCNs who are visa exempt for 90 days) who apply for courses which exceed 90 calendar days are to be issued with a National Long Stay Visa (D-Visa).

Visa Code

The Visa Code establishes the procedures and conditions in issuing visas for short stays (maximum of 90 days during any 180 days) in and transit through EU Member States applying the Schengen acquis in full, and the associated states.


There is a Government scheme, after finishing studies, you will get 16k euro in Tax return.

***Spouse and Dependent Visa****

Study Visa: UK, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany and some other countries you can apply. Study visa of Malta, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Spain and many other countries you CANNOT apply visa for Spouse and Dependents.

Work Visa:

Malta: You can apply after 1 year of work and required minimum wages for inviting spouse and kids

Latvia: You can apply visa for Spouse and Dependents after getting TRC.

Study Visa
Step By Step Process

Advantages With Us:
  • Part Time / Full Time Jobs Guidance
  • Airport Pickup
  • Accommodation
  • BUS Card ready, Local SIM
  • Show Asian Grocery shops
  • All other guidance
Documents Checklist:

Please make sure that all sections of the form have been properly completed and that all required documentation is attached to the form prior to submitting the application. Incorrect forms or missing documents will slow down the admission process. Please note that admission to any course is subject to the verification of any submitted documentation by the Registrar upon enrolment at the college.

All documents should be send as PDF files. Rename all documents when you send it
(A) Select Course and College
(B) Updated Curriculum Vitae (CV)
(C) Scanned copy of all academic and vocational qualifications, including transcripts of results
  1. Secondary School leaving Certificate
  2. Higher Secondary Certificate & Marksheet
  3. Diploma/Degree individual Marksheet/ Consolidated Marksheet
  4. Diploma /Degree Certificate
  5. Transcript if any
  6. Registration Certificate if any
  7. Experience Certificates
  8. IELTS Certificate /MOI (as per the requirement)
(D) Scanned copy of passport
(F) One passport-sized photo 
After Submission:
  • You will receive an Invoice once the application is submitted .Pay Application Fees
  • Processing time for offer letter-15 working day.

Send us the TT copy

  • Student will get the soft copy of acceptance letter & payment receipt .

Start preparing Visa documents

Show Bank Funds for Study Visa

Eur 48 per day x Total duration of the course
For 1 year Program:
Fresh funds can show but recommended at least 2 Months Old
48 x 365 = 17520 euro
1 year = Euro 17520
Eur 400 per month
3 Months old Funds
1 year = Euro 4800
10k euro (Including Course Fee)
Eur 448 per month
3 Months old Funds
1 year = Euro 5376
18 Lakh INR (with Spouse Visa)
28 days old funds
3 months old Fund
1 year = Euro 2640
3 months old Fund
1 year = Euro 10000
3 months old Fund
1 year = Euro 2640
3 months old Fund
1 year = Euro 10000
Euro 6627 (Foundation Course) Under age 24 & 2 years Old Funds
Euro 12000 (Bachelors and Masters) Over age 24 & 2 years Old Funds
Euro 6627 (Foundation Course) Under age 24 & 2 years Old Funds
Euro 12000 (Bachelors and Masters) Over age 24 & 2 years Old Funds

Study Visa Interview questions, we will provide you separately. We will guide you about interview questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Malta : FOR UM, MIDDLESEX, GCM – 50% tuition fees before visa

MCAST, LSC, SSM- full tuition fee before visa
MX- Fee after visa
Latvia and Estonia :
Need to pay full fees

Course fees is refundable in case Study Visa Rejected

There are many part time jobs available but still you need to try with full efforts.
About job, no one can give you guarantee. It’s all depends on your skills and efforts.
Post Study Visa
Malta: 6 Months
Latvia : 9 Months
Estonia: 9 Months
Student can apply for 5 years PR with some project in Estonia.
Room Rent: €150 – €250
Food: €60 – €100
Bus Card: €26
Hostel: Starts From €40 Per Month
Food : €50 – €100
Pay Online